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Village Attacks Intro Mission by Grimlord Games

I played this very fun game called Village Attacks by Grimlord Games recently. You play traditional monsters from folklore defending your castle against a village mob come to put you down. Very fun and easy to get lost in roles of the monsters. You can also check out their new game, The Everrain, on kickstarter now.

The Edge Dawnfall: Chapter vs. Demons

A few pictures from a recent game of The Edge: Dawnfall by Awaken Realms. This was one of the campaign scenarios, so full forces were not used, but the story is very well written, with lasting boons and consequences depending on if you won or lost the scenario.

The Edge: Dawnfall 1.6

The preview page for The Edge: Dawnfall Kickstarter reprint is up! More content will be added so keep checking back! Also Awaken Realms have given their website an overhaul! What secrets can you find?!