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The Edge Dawnfall Solo Darkness Campaign

Some picture from the first chapter of the solo campaign set within The Edge Dawnfall by Awaken Realms. You still haveĀ  a little bit of time to check out the Kickstarter campaign for the reprint here!

Miniatures from The Edge Dawfall by Awaken Realms

A collection of new and old photos of the miniatures from The Edge Dawnfall universe by Awaken Realms. A kickstarter for version 1.6 is running now. Check it out HERE!  

The Bullgrim/The Edge Dawnfall reprint

Plugging the Kickstarter reprint for my favorite game in the universe, The Edge Dawnfall! This is one of the resin bosses, The Bullgrim shown next to some of the plastic Dvergar faction models. I did a quick review os the solo boss fight here. You can check out the Kickstarter reprint HERE, and Awaken Realms website HERE.

The Edge Dawnfall: Chapter vs. Demons

A few pictures from a recent game of The Edge: Dawnfall by Awaken Realms. This was one of the campaign scenarios, so full forces were not used, but the story is very well written, with lasting boons and consequences depending on if you won or lost the scenario.

Funeral Witch from Etherfields

Resin model from Awaken Realms painted with (mostly) acrylic inks. You can find the Etherfields Facebook group here.

Bullgrim Solo Scenario Review

Here are a few photos from when I tried the solo Bullgrim boss fight, as well as a review. This is game play content from The Edge: Dawnfall, by Awaken Realms. This was the first time trying any of these scenarios. Please note my Bullgrim is not completely put together. I have left some pieces off for painting. (But he looks amazing even right … Read More Bullgrim Solo Scenario Review

Shadow Prime

Shadow Prime miniature from The Edge: Dawnfall by Awaken Realms

The Edge: Dawnfall by Awaken Realms

Pictures from the first scenario in the Chapter vs. Demons campaign from The Edge Dawnfall by Awaken Realms. This is a great place to start in the game. Very quick game that gives you the basics you will need later on. Just watch your time! It can be tricky to balance your offensive and defensive decisions while trying to compete your objectives!

Faceless Faction Miniature from The Edge Dawnfall by Awaken Realms

Rha-Zack vs Faceless

We encountered them in the middle of the night. In the middle of the night, they encountered us. Miniatures from The Edge: Dawnfall by Awaken Realms

Big Surf

Rha-Zack faction miniatures from The Edge: Dawnfall by Awaken Realms

Dvergar vs Rha-Zack

Miniatures from The Edge Dawnfall by Awaken Realms